JABBERPUNK is a queer owned punk zine based in Miami, run by Eddie Diverse. The zine is meant to discuss current issues in the queer and punk communities, showcase local bands and artists, and overall be a good time for whomever this may concern.

Not Eddie Diverse. This is Viktor Tsoi.
Note: The above is not Eddie, that is Viktor Tsoi from KINO.

The punk subculture and its history are both incredibly important to discuss and perserve, especially as the commodification, commercialization, and sanitization of the subcultre continues. In JABBERPUNK, I try my best to document and discuss as much as I can, with as much nuance as I can muster. Given, there are some things I can't necessarily trust myself to talk about accurately, which is why I try to bring in other creators to help out when I can.

This is a community I am deeply passionate about, and I hope I can express that properly with this zine.

If you are part of a band, or are a visual artist based around the South Florida area, don't be afraid to contact me! I'd love to include as many local creatives as I can in newer editions of the zine.

There's Eddie!